Ready player one

The first article that begins this blog should, of course, be the process of creating it.
The reason for the title is that I have already put a coin in to start the game and am about to press the play button, so please understand that is “Hommage” for the book I read recently. The next article will be about that book.
Now!  Let’s Push the button and start the game !!

Why did I choose ” WordPress “?
Before that, I should explain why I decided to blog.
I was interested in so many fields in my life. I wanted to try many things and have many things. As a result, I spent a lot of time reading and taking notes and storing them on the iPad in the evening.  I have used many apps, such as “Awesome note”, “Ever note”, “U PAD”, “Bamboo Paper”, “Sync”, and so on. I felt uncomfortable and couldn’t see at all. Finally, the method was a blog.

Let’s bloging. Where do you make a blog? ” was my first question since.
The gap was narrowed to “Naver Blog”, “T-Story”, and “WordPress”.
I did not want the results of my attention and effort to be forcibly dispersed as the community closed. It seems that many people are using it and the production company “Automattic, Inc” seems to be maintaining good business, so it is easy to back up. It is also convenient to move to other platforms if you have to. Is not this a good place to store my articles? Of course I must pay and remember to update. If I forget for a long time and visit, the blog will be closed. But I don’t think it’s gonna happen right now.^^
I decided to choose subscription type WordPress (premium) from the choice of the final subscription type blog and installation type blog.
I think the installed blog is kind of expert’s territory, and I need to consider the hosting cost of the traffic( although will not that many people visit…..^^)
And If when it starts, I have to study again and will gonna fall into it again, aren’t you?
( But I have a feeling of apprehension that it will be installed someday. ㅠㅠ)
After all I started, I decided to do everything I wanted to do.
I intend to leave the record here in its entirety.

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